Thursday, June 17, 2010


This post is directed at one Puddles Duddles Rainwater...

After mom read your comment from yesterday's post, we were escorted to the car and on our way to...


Just look at us!

And to make matters worse, we now smell like GIRLS!!!

You'd better be watching your back, Puddles, cuz we're coming for you!


  1. Uh Oh... We're sure glad that none of us are named Puddles!!! We wouldn't want you two to be mad at US! We can understand not wanting to smell like GIRLS, but don't you think you will be cooler now for the summer? The Country Corgi Crew

  2. AHAHA HA HA HA HA...oh my goodness! Yea, I tends to gets myself in trubles lots. Don't worry though, you ain't da only one afters me...hehehehe! I gots a Basset mamma afters me too.
    But you know, ya'll do looks very handsome now even though you do smaells like a girl. I don't fortunately, mum says I stink...hehehe
    Now If I was ya'll I would take a real quick roll in sumptin. Just don't tells your mom I said that, ok, ok.
    PEES: Ya'll do look pretty funny all wet and stuffs...hehehe!

  3. Well we see why Puddles told us to come visit!
    That is one cheekie doxie and no mistake.
    Now don't worry, we are experts in rolling in stinky stuff.
    Our top tip is horse's poo - especially when it is warm and steaming.
    This will sort you out.
    Now perhaps we should form an alliance against that cheeky Puddles - what do you say?
    love and kisses
    Martha and Bailey xxxx

  4. Ohhhhh...that Puddles. She is always stirrin' up all kinds of troubles. Maybe instead of Puddles her name should be Troubles. But you know what? That's what I LUUUUUVS about her! She makes me all kinds of happy with her trouble-making abilities. Um, er, except in this case, of course. This pawticular case made me real sad. No, really!

    Wiggles & Wags,

    PeeS. My word verify thingie is "shame." Yes...shame! Shame on you, Puddles. (Hehehe.)

  5. Ugh!
    I is a girl and I don't even likes to smell like one. Just roll is something you will both feel betters soon.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  6. Oh my dog! I can easily sees why you are upset with Puddles!

    It is bad enough to gets a B.A.T.H in the privacy of your own house but your mom took yous to get a PROFESSIONAL B.A.T.H !! How traumatic is that?

    Hope you smells better soon, MinnaK

  7. Puddles is gonna go too far one of these days... hope you both have managed to get dirty again real fast!

  8. Ummm...what's so bad about smelling like a girl???

    Dory...the girl

  9. Hi there, Puddles just sent me an email and I'm thinkin' she's kinda' woried beclaws she cawsed you to get a PUBLIK BAFFin' and stuffs. Pleeze don't be toooooooo mads at her. She just gets... well she gets all Puddles Like sometimes. OK. She is prolly worried that the POPO are gonna come get her or sumthin.

  10. Hahaha...yea, thats right...I called in da reenforcements of da one and only Frankie Furter...hehehe!
    I don't thinks he helped too much huh?

  11. Haaa!
    Puddles! Puddles!
    Kisses and hugs

  12. that Miss Puddles is a rascal! hope you can get that girlie smell off real soon.

  13. Nothing wrong with smelling clean and fresh. I can tell you from experience that not all water is created equal, so stay clear of the outside baths unless you want an inside bath. Know what I mean?