Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Thanksgiving Day Walkie

Monday was Thanksgiving in Canada, so mom had the day off and we decided to get out of the cat infested streets of our complex and go on an adventure.

We went under the highway, this part always scares Sam... he hates the sound of the cars going over it so if we can get passed that point we doing pretty good!

And we made it!  Instead of turning left to go on the Galloping Goose Trail, we turned right and crossed the street at the crosswalk and went over to Colquitz River Trail Park.  Even though this trail is really close to where we live, this is the first time we went to check it out.

Sam is not one for new adventures and wanted to go back almost as soon as we got there.  Mom makes him walk a little way in every new place so that when we go the next time, we can go a little further!  She's even thinking that maybe she should fill her pockets with treats to make it even more enticing for him!

As you can see he does enjoy part of the walk and wants to check things out.

I get all giddy like a rabbit and hop along the trails... just check out my ears!

There Sam goes... thinking he's heard rogue kittehs stalking us again.

C'mon, Sam!  Check out the scenery!  What kitteh is going to be stalking us here?

Yes, of course, cougars have been sighted in the area but that was like months ago!

Let's just walkie a little farther and see what's up here around the bend...

and stop looking back over your shoulder!  Dude, next time we're leaving you at home!

Oh! Just check this out!  We can cross the river here and go further into the wilderness!

Nope... mom's put the kibosh on that idea and has decided that Sam has gone far enough today.

Just check out how cute I am!

Notice how much happier he is?

Surprisingly, when we got to the point where we could go under the highway and home (the short way) or turn left and onto the Galloping Goose (the long way), Sam choose the Goose!

That's the Trans-Canada Highway and just check out that nice blue sky! 

Ruh roh... looks like Sam's got the scent of home and the boy is on a mission!

Some bikers stopped and told us that we're good looking dawgs.  Gotta say those guys were super smart!

Mom always puts the camera away when we get close to the highway crossing... something about cars whizzing by and dogs that have no road sense.  We have no idea what she's talking about...

When she did get the camera out again it was to take a picture of Sam's butt.  

It seems that dragging your tail along a trail isn't the best idea!


  1. Don't worry Sam, Bella and I usually have bush stuff hanging on us, too.

    WTG, Sam, we know you'll go further next time and soon you'll be as comfortable as the Galloping Goose (who thought up that name) trail!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. Have a terrific Tuesday and we hope you had a great day yesterday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. That sounds like a nice Thanksgiving. Do you get lots of dropped pieces of turkey and long naps with your human like we have at our Thanksgiving?

  4. Sure looks like a wonderful walk. I love adventures but my Lily prefers to stand around. Sam and Lily need to walk together
    Benny & Lily

  5. How cools!! You guys have some great adventures! Hey, you can't be out in the wild, without bringin' some of it home on ya!!



    pees: how in the WORLDS does your Moms hold the leads AND take pics of you guys?? My Ma...NO cordination!

  6. What a great walkie :)

    Stop on by for a visit

  7. What a beautiful park so close to home. Keep pushing Sam. He'll get into it soon enough!

    Bart and Ruby