Sunday, April 13, 2014

Who Turned Out The Lights?

As some of you may know, I gots the diabetes in January.  One of the things that can happen when you get it is that there is a possibility that you could go blind.

Well, dawgs and kittehs...

That's just what happened to me last weekend!

All of a sudden, I was walking into walls and buildings, tripping over curbs and just generally banging my nose on a whole bunch of stuffs!

The first few days were kind of scary and I kept walking in circles because I always think I know better than mom.

Now that I've been blind for a week, things are getting better.  I still like to sit at the edge of the sidewalk but instead of watching the world go by, I sit and listen.  I'm learning that when mom says, "watch out!" I need to change course a bit or I'll bang into something.  Mom is always looking out for me and telling me when to stop, step up, step down or watch out.

At first I thought I would need to send her for some Guide Human training but she's really stepping up and turning into a great Seeing Eye Human for me!

One of her friends from work gave her a stroller for me but I've told mom that I'm not ready for that just yet!

Chico Kitteh doesn't seem to mind when I accidently step on him and Daisy doesn't smack me as much.

Pippen of course is taking full advantage of my disability and stealing my bed but I can always find the other one or mom picks me up and puts me on the chaise.

So, as always, things could be better but they could be a whole lot worse!

Monday, March 31, 2014

What Goes Around, Comes Around...

Yesterday it was so nice out that mom left the patio door open so we could come and go as we pleased.  The only problem was our evil kitteh sister, Daisy.  If we went outside, she made sure we couldn't come back in!

Sometimes she would turn her back but even then, it was just too scary... she's quick as a lickety split and can turn and smack our bums before we are even over the threshold!

Today though, the tables were turned!  Mom let her out and then we wouldn't let her back in!  Of course, it two of us and we insisted that the patio door be closed...

and as soon as mom opened the door we beat a hasty retreat...

Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Day Without Sam!

We dropped Sam off at the dogtor early this morning to have a glucose curve to check his blood sugars throughout the day.  Then went for walkies!

Mom took pictures of mountains and birdies...

I did the walkies...

and mom took more pictures of mountains and boats!

I did some roaching...

in goose POOP to make Sam proud!

Now mom's saying it stinks in the car...

and that somedoggie is gonna have a bath!

I'm sure I don't know what she's talking about...