Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Darn Puparazzi!

A superstar always has a good bodyguard that watches out for you!

There are days when a dog just wants to sit outside and contemplate.

But the puparazzi has other ideas...

You try your darnedest to give them subtle hints...

But they don't take hints and you eventually have to call in the big dog!

"Hey! Big Dog!"

"Sir, how may I help you, sir?"

"Take care of business, Big Dog!"

"Move along you puparazzi ruffian!  The Superstar needs time for contemplation"

"I said, Move Along or I'm gonna have to get ruff!"

Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Unusual Suspects

Check out the line up of the nefarious garden dwellers... a bunch of ruffians, they are!

Looks like one might be missing though....

That's better... the ring leader... the nefariousest of them all!

Ha ha!  No cookies for you!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Dear Pippen

Hey Everybuddy!

Today is a special day and I just wanted to let everybuddys how much Pippen means to me.  Ever since I went blind, I know that Pip will always be right next to me.

He watches out for me, makes sure I don't bang into anything or step into any kitteh poop!

I know he must think I'm a big pest some days...

I'm always asking him where we are and if there's anybuddy else around.

Even when mom buys him a new bed, Pippen lets me try it out first!

He make sure I don't get too close to the road...

and he laughs at all my jokes!

He's just an all around good guy and I get to call him my brother...

So today I'm hoping that everybuddy joins me in putting their paws in the air and wishing Pippen the best birthday ever! 

Happiest Number 10, Pip!

I'm glad me and mom made that trek all those years ago.

Mom and I loves you lots and lots!

Sunday, December 14, 2014


Today's the day...

A long time ago, in a house a few blocks away...

The Sam was once a little baby doggie.

A puppy that liked to wear the cat's toys.

I soon turned into a boy that like to beat up girls with my brother...

and liked having girls chase me!

I've always known that wearing the right cologne for the right situation is imperative!

I've had to teach Labradors how to swim...

and how to retrieve the floaty from the water...

I've had to say good bye to lots of good friends....

All in all, I have to say...

These last eleven years have been filled with love and fun and joy!

Here's hoping I have eleven more!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Adventure Walkie Sans Sam!

This morning mom and I ditched Sam and went on an adventure walkie!

We can just leave our complex and walk across the street to the Colquitz River Trail.

As you can see, it snowed a little bit on the weekend.  Not to worry though, most of it's gone now!

We would try to walk this trail sometimes with Sam but he wasn't very adventurous if he didn't like something so we could only go so far...

We had to go over a bridge - Sam hates bridges so we would have had to go home if he was with us.

There were lots and lots of smells for me to check out and lots of trees and things for mom to look at.

We made it as far as this tree and then we turned around to head home.

Of course, mom had to take a couple photos of me by the river.

We had an awesome time and have decided that we're going to do this again!  When we got home, Sam and Daisy were both waiting by the door for us... I guess they missed us!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

What The Santa is Going on Here???

Are you serious?  You're getting the tree out today?

Four boxes of ornaments?  
Maybe you need to get the other tree out too!

Ghost of Christmas Past?  Really?  

Is that really a Christmas ornament or were you in the marked down Halloween section again?

And no!  

We don't believe there's a Great Pumpkin at Christmas!

There are times when we are greatly concerned about the two legger in charge here...